About Me

I am 27 years old, currently working mostly from home with free weekends. I have a cat of my own and a family dog to take care of, so being around pets have been a very valuable and important part of my life. I have no kids or other responsibilities at present, therefore, taking care of your animals would simply be the best part of my day, and an amazing excuse to leave the house to enjoy their perfect company.

I adore all animals! I have been around or owned all kinds since I was young; rabbits, cats, dogs, horses, hedgehogs any many others, which provided me with many years of experience and knowledge. Therefore, I am open to all kind of pets sizes and age.


I have also recently bought a house, so I am now open to overnight stays, as no longer need to ask permission for the animals to enter premises or worry about occasional damages. I have a medium size garden with not many plants (to eat or play with), so your pet can use it at any time. Additionally, the whole house has been organised in a way to ensure a pet-friendly environment 

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